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Sep 12, 2019

On this episode of the Thematic Signals podcast, Tematica’s Chris Versace breaks down the latest trade developments (including why he doesn’t think a two-step deal is likely) and discusses the European Central Bank rate cut before shares his thoughts on the continued plight of brick & mortar retail as Forever 21 is slated to file bankruptcy this weekend. We see no slowdown in the Digital Lifestyle tailwind that is a headwind for those like Forever 21. Chris then moves to why he was nonplused by Apple’s 2019 iPhone event even though it announcements made during the event mean problems for Netflix and GameStop. Also, hotels in Japan get a makeover, and Volkswagen comes out of the German Auto Show swinging at Tesla. To hear how those two items tie into our Living the Life and Cleaner Living investing themes, as well as why Chris is a little concerned about the Federal Reserve meeting next week, you’ll need to listen to need hit the play button and listen.



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